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 I am a Survivor, a Mother, a Grandmother, and a United States Air Force Retired Military Veteran & the CEO and Founder of Thriving and Surviving Breast Cancer Support Group Inc. My journey with Breast Cancer began Aug 16th 2011, with Stage 3, HER2-positive Breast Cancer. I discovered it when I found a lump under my arm out of the blue one day, which later was found to be a swollen lymph node. As a result, I underwent Chemotherapy, a double mastectomy & reconstructive surgery. In the beginning, fear seeped in and my faith rattled, until one day I woke up, looked at my 3 beautiful children and quoted my favorite scripture, Psalms 118:17, "I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord." Once I spoke those words, God renewed my faith and planted a seed in my heart to help others on their journey.

I am now 8 years Cancer-Free!  GOD has blessed me in so many ways since then. From my desire to help others through their breast cancer journeys,” Thriving and Surviving Breast Cancer Support Group Inc.” was birthed.  Our mission is to   ensure no one has to embark on a cancer journey alone. Our goal is to encourage, inspire and motivate those affected, while offering physical, spiritual, emotional support & financial support. In our efforts to support we attend doctor’s appointments with our Pink Sisters, as well as hospital visits, treatments and surgeries. We take food & flowers to the families when they are unable to cook during treatment, we give out giftcards, giftbags, assists with bills, rent, car repairs and more. Everyone’s situation is unique and different, so we are a hands-on group that caters to the needs of each individual.


“Thriving and Surviving Inc”. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, that has 630 members world-wide, who are  dedicated to helping and supporting each other in our times of need. From experience, this journey gets a little easier when you have the support of those who have been in your shoes and have experienced similar circumstances. We have a "Private" and "Public" Facebook page that anyone can join, and we meet every other month at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, GA which provides education through guest speakers, nutritional presentations, therapeutic sessions of art, crocheting & more. We have participated and donated over $2000 in Walks all over the Atlanta Metro Area, to include “American Cancer Society Making Strides Walk”, “Henry & Clayton County Relay for Life Walks”, “Walk it out hosted by Gertrudes House Inc” and more. We Attend numerous Breast Cancer functions all over Atlanta in support of other survivors. Recently hosted our 1st Annual Survivors Mother’s Day Brunch” sponsoring 45 survivors to attend for free.


I have been a guest speaker and honored at several major events such as, “The Dream Center” in Atlanta  with Pastor William Murphy, was chosen to be "Ms. Relay for life" Keynote speaker for  Clayton County  and spoke at Higher Living Christian Church. I was awarded the "Ms face of hope" Award, for Southern Crescent Breast Specialists, Dr. Scott Timbert's Practice, the "Diamond Hope Award" from the Atlanta Braves and was honored by the National Coalitiom of 100 Black Women of Dekalb County as well as  the “Atlanta Falcons during their Dazzle & Dine weekend event for Survivors”. Most recently, I was Honored during Women’s History Month by the City Of Stockbridge!  


My Prayer is that we can continue touch as many as we can, to stomp cancer! and to allow women, who are faced with this unforeseen disease, to be able to push past the pain confidently, knowing they are supported and among others who are willing to hold their hand, every step of the way. God Bless!


Rhonda A Williams

Dr. Davis Scott Timbert, MD
Breast Specialist
Dr. Gurinderjit Sidhu, MD
Dr. Alan Larsen, MD
Plastic Surgeon
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Hematology/ Oncology
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